GRMN 6624A: Emigration&Immigration in film

"Emigration and Immigration in German Film"*

The history of German film is deeply steeped in the history of emigration. Rising to international fame during the Weimar Republic years, German filmmakers were amongst the most innovative and creative artists of the moving image world-wide. Yet, as the National Socialists seized power, many had to flee, fearing persecution due to their Jewish background, their beliefs, or their sexual orientation. They found a new home in Hollywood where their influence can be seen in genres like the “Film Noir”, while their colleagues in Germany either went into inner emigration or consented to collaborate with the regime. This course will follow the fate of film makers and their works to assess the status of the German “immigrant movie” before, during, and after the Third Reich. Eventually we will juxtapose these works with more recent German movies, both serious and comedic, written, produced, and directed by second-generation immigrants.

Required texts: A course reader will be made available electronically.

Stefan Lukschy
Pearsons KAD
3:30pm-4:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday (Jul 6, 2017 to Aug 18, 2017)