ENVS 1026A: Impact Investing

Impact Investing for a Sustainable Planet
In this course, we will explore the field of impact investing, with specific emphasis on innovative financing instruments ranging from venture capital to harvest finance. Using EcoEnterprises Fund as the platform for learning, we will focus on the evolution of the sector that encourages new business models (e.g., “first movers”, “lost leaders” and growth companies) which sustainably manage natural resources, mitigate climate change, and protect ecosystems while making a profit. We will look at tools to measure environmental and social metrics and financial results. Lastly, we will discuss fund management strategies, including building a portfolio, effective due diligence, and structuring deals. This course counts as a cognate for ENVS majors.

Tammy Newmark
Warner Hall 207
10:30am-12:30pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday (Jan 6, 2014 to Jan 31, 2014)