Welcome to the Course Hub

The Course Hub is Middlebury College's new gateway to course content for students and faculty.

For Students

Dashboard Screen-Shot

The Semester Dashboard shows you the latest updates from all of your courses -- at a glance you can see if there have been new updates on the course blog, electronic reserves, or any other connected resources. Clicking through to the Course Hub site for any class allows you to browse through all updates as well as find links to all of the course resources.

For Faculty

Manage Resources Screen-shot

The Course Hub is a quick way to link your disparate course materials (blogs, electronic reserves, articles, wikis, and sites) in one location so that they are easily found by your class. Spend a few minutes adding Resources for your online course materials and these will be available to your students throughout the semester. At the very least add your syllabus and make any course site a Resource.

For example, if you have a course blog, add a WordPress Resource and a link will automatically be generated to your blog and all new posts and comments on the blog will feed to the Course Hub site. Similarly, add an ERES Resource to add a link to readings uploaded to the electronic reserves system. The Course Hub is perfect if you use sites and services not provided by Middlebury: you can use the Link Resource to link to any site on the internet while the RSS Resource allows you to feed in updates [from many sites].