Emotions inform thoughtful decisions, but also prompt knee-jerk reactions that make us appear irrational at times. They inspire and dissuade us at both conscious and unconscious levels. They evolved to trigger self-protective responses, but their dark side fuels self-destructive behaviors as well. In this course we will discuss what emotions are, where they come from, how individual emotions differ, and whether or not everyone experiences emotions the same way. We will also explore how appreciating the complexities of emotions might improve emotion regulation and interpersonal dynamics. Topics to be considered will include biological, socio-cultural, clinical, and cognitive theories of emotion. (PSYC 105, open to seniors by waiver only; not open to students who have taken PSYC/NSCI 0437) 3 hrs. lect.

11:00am-12:15pm on Tuesday, Thursday (Sep 9, 2019 to Dec 6, 2019)
McCardell Bicentennial Hall 317