Genomics is a quickly evolving field that analyzes and contextualizes genome sequencing data and high-throughput techniques. Genomics is the study of the nucleic acid content of organisms. In this course students will use national repositories of genomic information, databases, and open-source bioinformatics tools to visualize and manipulate genomic data. We will also explore genomics’ larger social context, particularly as it relates to the environment and medical informatics. In the laboratory we will explore and use the methodology used in genomics to develop and interpret large datasets (CHEM 0104 or CHEM 0107,and BIOL 0145 and BIOL0140, or by waiver) (not open to students who have taken BIOL 0334) 3 hrs. lect., 3 hrs. lab

11:15am-12:05pm on Monday, Wednesday, Friday (Sep 13, 2021 to Dec 13, 2021)
McCardell Bicentennial Hall 317