Cinema and Memory
Depicting the experience of memory is a challenge filmmakers have returned to repeatedly throughout cinema’s history. In this seminar we will screen films from around the world to explore the ways in which individual and cultural memory have found expression in cinema. We will screen narrative features, documentaries, and experimental films as we compare the various aesthetic strategies filmmakers from different periods and cultures have used to portray the complex relationships between past and present, real and imagined. Films screened will include After Life; The Bad and the Beautiful; The Long Day Closes; Hiroshima, mon amour; La Jetée; Shoah. 3 hrs. sem.

1:30pm-2:45pm on Tuesday, Thursday at AXN 220 (Sep 13, 2021 to Dec 13, 2021)
7:30pm-10:25pm on Tuesday at AXN 100 (Sep 13, 2021 to Dec 13, 2021)
Axinn Center 220