This seminar examines the critical role that international law plays in the conservation and management of marine resources, as well as its limitations. While the primary focus of the seminar is on legal issues, there will be extensive coverage of the interface of legal institutions with science and politics. Reading assignments and presentations by the instructor and other seminar participants will focus on the effectiveness of specific marine conservation and management regimes, as well as on cross-cutting issues, including the impacts of climate change in marine environments, the role of the precautionary principle in marine policymaking and ecosystem management. The culminating requirement of the seminar for each participant will be preparation of a chapter for a report on the implementation of the precautionary principle in international fisheries regime, with the contemplation that this report will ultimately be published on the MIIS website and publicized in relevant venues. In this context, students will also be expected to meet individually with the instructor outside of class to develop their respective chapters. The course will also seek to hone student public speaking and analytical skills through a series of in-class policy debates on critical marine environmental issues.

9:00am-3:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at MRSE A101 (Jan 7, 2013 to Jan 11, 2013)
9:00am-3:50pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday at MRSE A101 (Jan 14, 2013 to Jan 18, 2013)
Morse A101