Career management is an essential skill whether you are just starting along your career trajectory or a mid-career professional. Our Career Management course synthesizes your academic and professional goals, preparing you for future internship and job opportunities. Together we will identify personal strengths, build a professional brand image, and master effective job search strategies.

In a series of intensive and engaging classes, we will work with you to explore, clarify, and activate your professional vision. You will begin by asking yourself three key questions:

- Reflecting upon my strengths, goals, and passion, how should I build my professional image or personal brand?

- How can I strategize my job search to align with my long-term goals?

- How can I effectively communicate my strengths through a resume, cover letter, networking, and interviewing opportunities?

This course is highly recommended for first-semester students; although, students in any semester are welcome. This course is offered in program-specific sections, so if your schedule permits, please sign up for the section corresponding with your degree program. The MBA section of Career Management will be offered in the Spring semester. No tuition is charged for this non-credit course.

Please contact your advisor for further information.

4:00pm-5:30pm on Wednesday (Feb 1, 2016 to Mar 30, 2016)
Morse B104