Drawing from the fields of entrepreneurship, management, and innovation; this workshop presents a sound framework and practical tools to facilitate the design, implementation, and scale of pattern-breaking, impactful business models that address pressing development priorities. By deconstructing successful business models applied by leading nonprofit organizations, social ventures, and service providers, students will identify the key components, enabling factors, and crucial interrelationships that make a business model cost-effective, impactful, scalable, and sustainable. The following topics will be discussed during the workshop:

- Value in the development sector: creation, delivery, and scale

- The Programmatic puzzle: Theory of change, strategy, business plans, project management, and business models

- Business Models: underpinnings, building blocks, and typology

- Unbundling thriving business models for social change

- Critical success factors and metrics

- Building pattern-breaking business models

Using participatory techniques and a hands-on approach, the workshop will provide ample space for discussion and interaction to facilitate the introduction of key concepts and to leverage on participants' experience. The workshop methodology will also include case studies, readings, and presentations. Participants, working in groups, will have the opportunity to apply business model concepts to a new or ongoing social change initiative.

8:00am-1:00pm on Sunday, Friday, Saturday (Apr 22, 2016 to Apr 24, 2016)
McGowan MG99