Development: Global Actors, Norms and Policies

This course explores how the various sectors/issue areas of international development found in the new Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) ( ) are managed at the global level. Development takes place at the local level but is significantly shaped at the global level. Development sectors/issue areas addressed include public health, rule of law, access to justice, refugees, violence and conflict, corruption, poverty, climate change, gender equality, global finance, human rights, and others (there are 17 SDGs).

Key questions addressed in the course are: Who are the actors at the global level? What are the norms that influence national behavior? Which governments do/do not comply with these norms and why? Which development sectors are more “globally governed” than others? How do development issues get on the global agenda? The course also addresses the role of international governmental organizations (IGOs)- their structure, influence, level of autonomy, etc.(e.g., World Bank, UN Development Program, etc.) The main course requirement is a group assessment of a development sector/problem of the group’s choosing, using the concepts introduced in the course. Guest speakers will appear from the various development sectors/issue areas.

8:00am-9:50am on Tuesday, Thursday (Feb 1, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
Morse A101