This 2-unit course is offered in-person over two weekends, and there will also be one online synchronous session offered between the two weekends. The course focuses on general approaches to teaching online (as entirely online courses, hybrid/blended models, and online elements for face-to-face classes) as well as specific approaches to teaching languages online. Discussions and class activities will focus on debates around online education; relationships among SLA theories, teaching philosophies, and online teaching; and online language teaching/learning tools. Students will have the opportunity to create and deliver an online lesson, and build online language learning units that match their pedagogical & professional interests.

10:00am-5:00pm on Sunday, Saturday at MRSE A101 (Feb 20, 2016 to Feb 21, 2016)
10:00am-5:00pm on Sunday, Saturday at MCCN M238 (Apr 2, 2016 to Apr 3, 2016)
4:00pm-7:00pm on Friday at MRSE A101 (Feb 19, 2016 to Feb 19, 2016)
4:00pm-7:00pm on Friday at MCCN M238 (Apr 1, 2016 to Apr 1, 2016)
Morse A101