This course aims to describe various aspects of globalization with which our present-day world is still learning to come to terms. In order to begin to define those problems – problems which it is the duty of an increasingly globalized world to address – the course will draw on a number of sources with the goal of contextualizing and therefore better understanding both the origins of the current global scene, as well as where it might be headed. Topics to be discussed include, but are not limited to, the following:

- emerging markets

- human migration and the situation of refugees

- the rise of the far-right in Europe

- climate change

- the spread of mobile technologies

In addition, the course aims to introduce students to the French language skills and vocabulary necessary in order to discuss and think critically about these global developments, while improving their proficiency more generally.

10:00am-11:50am on Friday at MRSE B104 (Apr 1, 2016 to Apr 1, 2016)
10:00am-11:50am on Friday at MGWN MG100 (Apr 8, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
10:00am-11:50am on Friday at MGWN MG100 (Feb 1, 2016 to Mar 18, 2016)
2:00pm-3:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday at MRSE B109 (Feb 1, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
Morse B104