The course will provide students with a unique opportunity to explore cutting edge, emerging insights related to the interdisciplinary field of behavioral science. The journey will take us into many disciplines: individual psychology, group psychology, cognitive science, organizational studies, behavioral economics, neuroscience, sense-making, mathematics, probability, and more. We will be particularly concerned with what new research into cognition, brain research, and decision-making/choice tell us about innovative policy making, policies that may well be better suited to scalable systems change. At the heart of the colloquium, too, will be the concept of complex, intractable real-world problems – problems that have resisted solutions for generations in some cases – and whether and how new insights into how and why individuals behave as they do are leading to a new era of policy making. Students will be able to investigate innovations in policy, policy design and construction and structures and procedures for public, for profit, and nonprofit institutions. Each degree program in GSIPM will participate in the class, with individual weeks/sessions focusing on specific, complex problem central to that degree.

6:00pm-8:50pm on Thursday at MGWN MG102 (Feb 1, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
6:00pm-8:50pm on Thursday at MGWN MG102BOOTH (Feb 1, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
McGowan MG102