Cultural Intelligence (CQ) is a growing field of study that has the potential to fill a void in cultural acumen for security and policy specialists. CQ predicts a person’s ability to operate successfully in cross-cultural situations, and measure ability to identify cultural patterns and appropriately adjust behavior in unfamiliar cultural situations. Those who plan to interact, collaborate, and work with international counterparts throughout the world will benefit from the CQ workshop which emphasizes cross-cultural adaptability, judgment and decision-making, negotiation, and strategic leadership. Furthermore, workshop attendees will become familiar with the cultural differences of world's most prevalent "ten culture clusters." For an additional fee (between $45 and $65) workshop attendees will be able to have their personal CQ accessed and be informed on how to improve their CQ. The assessment is NOT a prerequisite for the workshop. Those who register for the workshop will have the opportunity to be assessed prior to the workshop start date.

Middlebury Institute, CA