This course aims to use avatar-based virtual reality to simulate the verification of a nuclear weapon by a fictional inspecting party team (see picture of the virtual verification facility in the syllabus). The goal will be to design a verification protocol to make the inspection possible without divulging weapons information to the inspecting party. In the process, you will learn a great deal about the science and technology of nuclear weapons verification but note that IPOL 8559 is not a prerequisite for the course. A background in computer programming is also not required. You will be trained in how to navigate the virtual worlds. There will be a lecture component (the first set of lectures) but the majority of the course will consist of the design and negotiation of the verification protocol. There will be several short assignments and a final individual 15 minute presentation.

10:00am-1:50pm on Friday (Feb 1, 2016 to May 20, 2016)
McGowan MG307