This workshop provides an overview of the current universe of systems of environmental, social and governance ratings (ESG ratings and analytics), including the ones commonly used in impact investing such as GIIRS. They are compared with the commercial financial rating systems and associated business models. The common challenges to both the ESG and commercial financial ratings and analytics are highlighted with a view to understand the complexity of such efforts within the growing impact space to enable greater involvement by mainstream financial participants and stores of capital. This workshop offers participants an opportunity to brainstorm potential solutions, share the visions for a new system and the ecosystem to install and implement such a system, and explore the roles of Frontier Market Scouts in the development of such a system. Scouts will also walk through the development of Impact Venture Profiles during their time in the field to assist in the above effort, facilitate appropriate and sustainable data capture of social ventures working with their counterparts, and provide for a final case deliverable for their FMS participation.

9:00am-5:30pm on Thursday, Friday at MRSE A101 (Jan 19, 2017 to Jan 20, 2017)
9:00am-5:30pm on Thursday, Friday at MRSE B104 (Jan 19, 2017 to Jan 20, 2017)
Morse A101