This course is a follow-on to the Fundamentals of Cybersecurity course, NPTS 9552 (registration was through IPMG 8552), but also available to students who successfully passed NPTS 9510 (registration was through IPMG 8510). The goal will be threefold: to develop training delivery skills, to develop filming and video editing skills, and to deepen your understanding of cybersecurity concepts. At the end of the project, students will have audiovisual evidence of their cybersecurity training skills to present to employers. Not everyone has to appear in front of the camera, but everyone will work on their oral narration skills and be filmed in class for instructional purposes only. Part of learning how to deliver training involves learning about pedagogy and how to cater to different learning styles. Students will also have a chance to learn all aspects of video production from story-boarding to filming to film and sound editing. You will have a chance to demonstrate your creativity in conveying both simple and complex cybersecurity topics.

Middlebury Institute, CA