It will be hard, and not satisfying, for you to be a productive and happy professional if you neglect your whole-person development. And you won’t be as efficient if you’re unsure of who you are and how to grow (mostly) happily over time and through life’s circumstances… This is why this class allows you to develop your emotional intelligence, your self-management, your social skills and communication skills; and to apply them to social and professional situations. Our class borrows from neuropsychology, cognitive sciences, cognitive psychology, archetypal and transcendental psychology, neurolinguistics, cognitive linguistics, social psychology, positive psychology and intercultural competence (ICC) studies. We spend about 5-6 weeks on “self-as-other,” on self-observation, self-knowledge and self-development, and another 5 weeks on key ICC theories and concepts or tools, tips, and frameworks to help you understand yourself and others. Then we study Americans as “the Other” and look deeply into the culture, psychology and emotional dynamics of the 11 American nations (yes, eleven: E Pluribus Unum, indeed!); and what this means for you as an individual, a professional, and a citizen—or a foreigner residing in this country, or as a hyphenated American, etc.

Our class mixes skids and activities that engage your whole identity (cognitive, affective, behavioral-attitudinal, archetypal, and physical), reading and discussions of texts and theories, reflections and self-observation outside the classroom, and internalizing tricks and tips to develop your emotional intelligence and your social intelligence. Expect to learn (cognitively) a lot in terms of theories and ICC, but expect also to be intrigued and internally transformed—this is what happens when you connect your “self,” your “persona,” with deep psychology and meta-truths. Also expect to be surprised and disconcerted at least occasionally.

10:00am-11:50am on Monday, Wednesday (Aug 27, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)
Morse B105