Facilitates the transition from the classroom to the first professional assignment by offering students a wide range of interpretation experiences. Advanced interpreting students become comfortable with working in settings in which different modes of interpretation are called for and where relay interpretation is the norm. Students provide simultaneous and consecutive interpretation at Monterey Institute public events and taped conferences, for Institute interdisciplinary courses, and as part of community outreach; they also work intensively together in multilingual practice groups during the semester. Reinforces the concept of reflective practice, requiring students to evaluate their own performance as well as that of their peers. Students are expected to complete an interpretation portfolio.

2:00pm-3:50pm on Friday at MGWN MG102 (Nov 30, 2018 to Nov 30, 2018)
2:00pm-3:50pm on Friday at MCCN IRVINE AUD (Aug 27, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)
2:00pm-3:50pm on Friday at IIRC LAB III (Aug 27, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)
2:00pm-3:50pm on Friday at CFNT CF446 (Aug 27, 2018 to Dec 14, 2018)
McGowan MG102