This course is designed to introduce interpreting students to the different modalities of remote interpreting, the technologies used to facilitate them as well as the opportunities and challenges associated with remote interpreting work. Classes will consist of lectures, class discussions and various exercises employing different remote interpreting platforms currently used in professional practice. Although the course will include several remote interpreting exercises, it is not designed as an interpreting class, per se. This course will also provide a general overview of other technologies that affect professional practice, such as glossary management tools and bring-your-own-device interpreting platforms. This is a blended course that will be taught in the classroom and online. Students will be required to have a laptop computer and purchase a USB headset from a list of recommended options provided at the beginning of the semester.

11:50am-1:50pm on Monday at MCCN IRVINE AUD (Oct 15, 2018 to Oct 15, 2018)
11:50am-1:50pm on Monday at MCCN AUD BOOTHS (Oct 15, 2018 to Oct 15, 2018)
12:00pm-1:50pm on Monday at MGWN MG101 (Aug 27, 2018 to Oct 8, 2018)