The TIAG/IPMG 8650 Fieldwork course is for international students participating in the Curricular Practical Training (CPT) program. As a requirement of CPT eligibility for internship the federal government stipulates that students must be enrolled in a course bearing academic credit. The TIAG and IPMG 8650 Fieldwork courses are designed for this purpose. Students are required to submit weekly 'field reports' discussing various aspects of the internship. Additionally, students must submit a final 'reflection piece' on the overall experience.

CPT is awarded for a specific time frame. Students are not eligible to work beyond the approved time frame. If the employer wishes to extend the duration of the internship, the student must apply for and be approved for each additional time frame.

The Fieldwork course is a one credit, no fee course. The credits are not intended to be used to meet overall degree requirements.

Applicants to CPT, and the corresponding Fieldwork course, must complete the CPT online application. They should send an Offer Letter from the prospective internship employer to Assistant Dean Toni Thomas, who will provide a CPT Recommendation form and ADD/DROP slip for the Fieldwork course.

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