Changing Public Policy: Advocacy in Action

How can we change public and/or organizational policies, practices, or procedures? How can civil society actors make effective arguments, forge campaigns and movements, and influence the decisions of powerful actors? How can advocacy help us bend justice’s arc…and what does a policy advocate actually do? What kind of careers and jobs are out there?

Taking a real-time problem-centered approach, this course will build career-ready competencies in three areas: policy advocacy research, policy advocacy strategy, and advocacy implementation. Students will work together in teams of 3-5, and advocate hands-on on an issue of importance here in the City or County of Monterey. Students should be prepared to spend much time out in the community building momentum for the change they seek, forging collaborations and partnerships with others, and meeting with decision-makers. The ethos of the course is action, action, action.

4:00pm-5:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday (Jan 28, 2019 to May 17, 2019)
Casa Fuente CF434