Meeting dates: March 25, 2019 – April 12, 2019

SPR:SEM: Advancing Opportunities for Migrant Workers

This course will introduce you to Salinas and Watsonville migrant communities, where you will interview migrant workers. Ask them what their needs are and what their most difficult experiences are. Help them find solutions to their troubles. You will help them improve their economic situation while preserving their culture and family ties. You will then analyze the results of the interviews, qualitatively and quantitatively. You can also practice your Spanish ability if you would like. You will improve your interviewing skills. Most importantly, however, how to connect with members of the human community.

8:00am-9:50am on Friday at MRSE B105 (Jan 28, 2019 to May 17, 2019)
8:00am-11:50am on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday at MRSE B105 (Jan 28, 2019 to May 17, 2019)
Morse B105