SEM: East Asia: Trade, Development and Diplomacy

East Asia is a dynamic region of great importance by virtue of its population size, economic dynamism, and political and security challenges. The impact of the region’s international relations is felt not only by the countries geographically located in the region but also by the rest of the world. The region is characterized by diversity in historical, civilizational, and ethno-cultural backgrounds, political systems, levels of economic development, and foreign relations, as well as global impact, making regional relations very complex and their management very difficult. This course will examine a broad range of foreign policy, trade, and security issues that present both opportunities and challenges to the regional countries and the United States.

A unique feature of this course is that it includes a field research trip to Tokyo and Beijing (March 16-24, 2019). The students will learn first-hand the perspectives of local experts on the regional issues the seminar addresses through guest-lectures, interviews, library research, and discussions with local university students.

In the first half of the semester each student will develop a research proposal on a topic approved by the instructors, collect information for the proposed research during the field trip to Tokyo and Beijing. In the second half of the semester the student will continue to research the topic, write up a research paper, and present it to an audience composed of both classmates and other interested MIIS students and faculty.

12:00pm-1:50pm on Wednesday (Jan 28, 2019 to May 17, 2019)
McCone M238