This course examines the role of intelligence in the conduct of US national security. The course will cover the basics of intelligence, to include the intelligence cycle, intelligence requirements, types of collection and analysis, and the roles and capabilities of organizations that make up the US intelligence community. The course will look at the role of intelligence over history and include case studies.


1. Identify the members of the US Intelligence Community and describe their general responsibilities.

2. Understand and explain the different stages of the intelligence cycle.

3. Describe the various types (INTs) of Intelligence and corresponding US agencies in responding to national requirements.

4. Using a case study approach, understand the interaction between policy makers and the intelligence community.

5. Apply course content to write a paper on a member of the intelligence community or a intelligence collection capability and its impact to US policy.

8:00am-9:50am on Monday, Wednesday (Sep 3, 2024 to Dec 13, 2024)
Middlebury Institute, CA Campus: ONLINE (Online Course)