This course is devoted to a simulation of the second NPT Preparatory Committee (PrepCom) meeting, which will be held in Geneva from July 22-August 2, 2024. The focus of the next PrepCom is hard to anticipate, especially in light of the unprecedent failure of the 2023 PrepCom to adopt the Chair’s Factual Summary of the meeting, which concluded on August 11. 2023. Although much remains uncertain, the next PrepCom will need to address an array of issues related to nuclear disarmament, nonproliferation, and peaceful uses of nuclear energy, as well as regional security. Among major subjects likely to be debated are: the pace of and potential for meaningful nuclear disarmament, arms control, and nuclear risk reduction; further strengthening of the NPT review process, the erosion of nuclear norms accentuated by imprudent rhetoric about nuclear weapons use and attacks on and foreign occupation of civilian nuclear facilities; the integrity of nuclear security assurances; the deployment of nuclear weapons outside of national territories, sharing of naval propulsion technology, viability of nuclear-weapon-free zones; DPRK nuclear brinkmanship; the status of the JCPOA; the future of the CTBT; the potential for nuclear terrorism; and the prospects for peaceful nuclear use. The base point for the simulation is the “real world” at the time of the course.

4:00pm-5:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday (Sep 3, 2024 to Dec 13, 2024)
CNS (499 Van Buren) VIDCONF RM