More than $10 billion is lost by American residents to fraudulent scams every year, and that only includes what victims report to the FBI. Significantly more goes unreported. Sadly, most of it is never recovered. With the advent of AI, these types of financial crimes will likely increase, with potential losses rapidly multiplying. How can we prevent these types of crimes in the first place? Through educational outreach. In ten classroom sessions in the first month of the semester, students will learn more about different scam typologies and learn how to convey that information in training sessions delivered to schools and other non-profits, and possibly even law enforcement. The training can be delivered in Monterey County or to your local community, ideally with a partner. Students will also be required to complete IRB training.

6:00pm-7:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday (Sep 3, 2024 to Dec 13, 2024)
Morse B104