Cameroon or Africa in Miniature: History, Cultures, and Institutions *

Cameroon: «Africa in Miniature», «Land of Contrasts», «all Africa in one Country»; these are the different views and considerations of Cameroon, due to its ideal location at the center of the continent, between Africa of the plains and plateaus, Africa of the forests and Savannahs, Africa of the Christians and Muslims, English-speaking and French-speaking Africa. It is a country of extreme diversity whose study allows not only to understand it, but also to understand the whole of Africa.

This course on Africa in miniature is based on a central consideration built on three questions: What are the major historical and cultural moments in Cameroonian and African institutions? Who are the major historical figures and what was the impact of their actions in the quest for dignity and emancipation for Cameroon and for the continent? What is the place or the role of Cameroon in the major events that marked the history of humanity and that made it an Africa in miniature? Instruction in French (300-level).

8:00am-9:15am on Tuesday, Thursday (Sep 8, 2020 to Dec 4, 2020)
Main Campus: ONLINE (Online Course)